The best quality cakes.
Suitable for all dietary requirements.
Catered to your Budget.

Abigail’s Cakes is a bespoke cake making business which focuses on creating beautiful cakes unique to each customer.

It is important to us to meet the needs of everyone, offering affordable and competitive prices helping you to find a cake within your budget.

We also cater for a wide range of dietary requirements so no one misses out.

Using the best quality produce from free-range eggs to real Madagascan vanilla beans helps improve the taste and texture of your cake creating a beautifully moist sponge

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About Us


Abigail's Cakes is run by Abigail Anderson a First Class Honours Degree Graduate of West London University, who studied Culinary Arts Management, one of the best food based courses which not only extended her skills in the industry but also gave her the knowledge and skills required to start up Abigail's Cakes as her business.


Please don't hesitate to ask any questions and send messages as and when necessary via the contact details at the bottom or via the contact us page. All the prices and information on this website is subject to change and prices may be more or less depending on the detail and intricacy of your design. For wedding cake orders please contact directly. 

All Cakes are made fresh and can be:




Gluten Free


Dairy Free


Other allergies can be allowed for, please let us know when ordering.

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